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Today I’m teaming up with Annika from Fernweh Society and Cassie from An Architect Abroad, to share with you a few tips on how we find inspiration for our blogs while working demanding 9-5 jobs. Like me, these two amazing blogger babes work corporate jobs, which leaves us little time to come up with content for our side gigs while trying to balance everyday life.
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Most people don’t realize what it means to be a blogger or how much time and effort is required to be successful in your craft. And for this very reason, many aspiring bloggers give up before they achieve the goals they had originally set out to accomplish. It’s more than just taking photos and throwing them up on a site. A lot of thought, time and commitment needs to accompany those photos as well, but more importantly, like all art forms in life, it all begins with passion and love for your craft.
Photoshoots need to be planned out, but even after those photos are captured, many times tweaking or colour correction may be needed before they can be effectively used. Additionally coming up with content can also be a challenge. In the saturated world of blogging you want to have your own unique identity, be your own brand while portraying this to your audience in a way that is interesting, but still be you.
In this post I’ll be sharing some tips on how to find inspiration for your blog.
Tip #1: Jot down ideas as they come to you
More times than not, ideas come to me when I’m not trying to come up with ideas. It can be when I’m with friends, leaving an event or commuting. It could literally be anything, at any time and anywhere. So for this very reason, one thing I like to do is note the ideas down while they’re still fresh in my mind and maybe even start part of the blog post as soon as I can. By doing this you can capture your ideas while you’re still caught up in the moment of inspiration. One really great tool you can use to do this is Evernote. It’s a great app you can download from the Playstore/App store where you can create and store notes as needed. It’s convenient because in today’s society we always have our phones with us, so you can take notes at any time. Also, all your notes in Evernote are saved in your account, so if you ever switch phones you can simply download your previous notes when needed. I use it for everything – shopping lists, to-do lists, or to just note down anything I need to remember.
Tip #2: Keep an idea album
Similar to a style board for designers, an idea album is basically a collection of photos that I save and to go for inspiration. It could be an idea album for fashion, home design, travel, photography, cooking, anything. I’ll usually save a photo in one of my idea albums if there’s an element from the photo that I really like and want to remember. For fashion it could be a belt, a pair of shoes or maybe just the way a shirt is tucked in. For home design it could a certain accessory, a colour tone or just the placement of a piece of furniture. Pinterest is great tool for creating these albums/boards because they are saved in an account and can be accessed from anywhere at a later time. I personally just like to use my phone, if I see something I like I’ll screenshot it and save it into an album that I’ve created on my phone.
Tip #3: Capture everything
If you think you might want to blog about it in the future, snap a pic. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of renovations and diy projects at home where I keep telling myself I should share the journey with others, so I try to snap a few pics throughout the process. This way when I complete a project I can always go back and pull those photos for a future diy post and to even show a simple before and after.
Tip #4: Lay everything out
Do you ever sit in front of your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear, meanwhile clothes seem to bursting out of every nook and cranny? I know, it’s probably time to stop shopping for a while and donate some items, but I find that this happens to me a lot and I often have a hard time thinking about what outfit I should shoot next. What really helps me in this situation, is laying out the items that I know I want to shoot. For this, I have an exposed clothing rack where I hang these items, they’re in plain sight so I don’t forget about them and  from there I can build my outfits,
Tip #5: Meet-ups
Meeting up with other aspiring bloggers is one of the best ways to get inspired. The social aspect of being with like-minded and driven people always gets the creativity juices flowing. It is also great to listen to various stories of where their journeys have taken them and important lessons they have learned along the way. This is definitely one of my favourite things to do as I love meeting new and interesting people. The diversity of the blogging scene always blows me away and to me there is no better way to get inspiration.
Here are a few more tips from blogger babes, Annika and Cassie!
” It definitely gets hard sometimes between working corporate and finding the energy and zest to get inspired for the blog. However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the creative juices flowing! Firstly, I love to listen to podcasts about various topics including blogging, social media, entrepreneurship or beauty. If that doesn’t help, look to one of the latest books that you have read to brainstorm some new content. If all else fails, think of the last thing that you googled; if you’re curious about a topic there are likely hundreds if not thousands of others that would like the answer. Now it will be up to YOU to provide it for them :) “
” To get inspired and motivated I typically listen to a podcast – like Goal Digger, The Lively Show, Hell Me Be Me, or the Skinny Confidential. Lately, I’ve also been listening to audio books – basically longer and more structured than podcasts – I particularly love the self-development and information genre.
 For content creation, Pinterest never fails me. One thing I really enjoy doing is taking look back at past pins instead of scrolling through my feed.
Lastly, a good sweat sesh usually helps reset any rut. Even just a walk around the walk without the distraction of a phone does wonders! “
I really hope you enjoyed this post. Comment if you have any questions or comments :)

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