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Poofy Floral Skirt :)

Hi Guys,

Sharing a lovely poofy floral skirt on the blog today :)

I love how these poofy skirts fit, they’re so dainty and cute and they’re just really fun to wear. You can pair them a with a cute crop top for a dressier look or even pair them with a t-shirt for a more casual look. I’ve paired mine with my favourite chambray from Old Navy.

I got this poofy skirt from SHEIN, you can get yours here ! This skirt is such a great deal. It’s going for about $30 US on SHEIN, but I’ve seen identical skirts like this at Mendocino and Honey go for $125 and up. If you are looking for one of these poofy style skirts, go check out SHEIN. They have such a large selection and are always adding new styles. Most are in midi length, but if you like them shorter, not a big deal you can just hem them. Mine originally fell below the knees, but it made me feel short so took a couple of inches off.


Top: Old Navy // Bottoms: Shein // ShoesAldo