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DIY Distressed Denim!

Having trouble looking for the perfect pair of distressed denim / ripped jeans? Or ever buy a pair of ripped jeans where you felt there weren’t enough holes or the holes just weren’t in the right spots?

Look no further! Create your own distressed denim by following these two simple steps!

What you need:

  • Pair of jeans (I got these skinny jeans from H&M for $25)
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers

Step 1: Find the placement of your knees in the pair of jeans and cut two horizontal slits.

Step 2: Use the tweezers to pick at the frayed edges of the slits. You’ll find that jeans are made up of a bunch or horizontal and vertical threads. Once you’ve found the vertical threads, start plucking those out. Continue plucking those threads until your jeans look something like this:If the hole that you’ve made is not big enough, keep on adding slits and repeat until you get the size that you like.Make sure to cut the slits at varying widths so you get a more natural look and try to taper them off.And just repeat these steps for the other leg.

I also like to add random holes in various spots of my jeans. One thing I really recommend before you start cutting slits in your jeans is to try them on and use a pen to mark where you want the holes to be and the size you want them to be. Otherwise you might end up with really large holes in places that look inappropriate, LOL!

When you get really comfortable, you can just add the slits for one section all at once and do the plucking after.  Don’t forget the bum! You can’t have jeans that are ripped to shreds in the front and perfect in the back. 

Now, VOILA! You have the perfect pair of distressed denim / ripped jeans!